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Halfway to Halloween

Want to read a new Prane Emerson story? I was a guest blogger at  Belinda McBride's Wyld by Nature Halfway to Halloween Party.

Mother's Day
Yesterday, I talked about Constance and how she is like Janos and Jirelle's own mother and then I said she was legally Jirelle's mother, and that was a story to share later, so now that I am thinking about Mother's Day, I may as well share it. When I left my husband, Stefan, I knew that he would come after me and take away my children if he found me. Constance and I had tried to escape once before, only to be dragged back and punished. I could not afford to let him find me, now with the children at sake. So Constance and I studied to find out how to disappear. We learned about creating new identities, how to walk away and leave no trail. In fact, we faked Constance's death about three months before I finally left, so that he wouldn't be looking for two women with two kids. So when I finally ran away, taking the kids, I met up with Constance. She had established herself, she pretended to be pregnant, and had Jirelle recorded as her own child, while I showed myself as Janos aunt becoming his guardian after his parents were killed in a crash. So legally, Constance was Jirelle's mother, but it was only on paper because I was and always will be her mother. Even though I am not her or Janos birth mothers.

It is an old superstition,  that if a female vampire killed the birth mother at the moment of birth and stole her child, the bond between mother and child would be so strong that the child was most likely to become a vampire.

This was before we learned the importance of genetics in the creation of vampires, that only those with the right genetics would survive. But Stefan, my husband, and Maximillian, my so-called father, lived by the superstitions. They foced me to kill Janos and Jirelle's mothers. It almost destroyed me. But in doing so, I took them into my heart, bound to them as close as any mother could be. I love them. But Mother's Day reminds me of what I have done. It hurts, especially because Jirelle looks more and more like her mother every day.

My Best Friend
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Linda has a couple of blogs on Blogger and she just started one on and now I and Valentine have journals here on LiveJournal, that's three different blogging programs she is learning, not to mention Twitter. I feel her overwhelm. But I don't know where to begin, but it is important that I do begin, to assert my voice. PRANE EMERSON. My kids are Janos and Jirelle. My best friend, my companion is Constance. Constance and I met in kindergarten and were friends all through school. They called us the Bobbsey Twins, even though we don't look much alike. After high school graduation, my so-called father took me off to California House, where he turned me into a vampire against my will. Then he gave me to Stefan, binding me as a fledgling vampire to a much older vampire. I returned home an engaged woman about the get married. I couldn't tell my best friend what had happened to me. Then my father forced me to make her my servant. It is a ritual of sharing blood and the mind, that binds the servant to the vampire forever. A servant can never betray us, they must always protect us, they would give their life for us, they are our slaves, bound to serve us. I hated what I had been forced to do, but she assured me that it didn't matter, we had always been friends and would always be friends. I don't know what I would have done all these years without her. She is as much as a mother to my children as I am. In fact, legally she is Jirelle's mother, but I will tell that story later.

New Beginnings
Valentine introduced me to this idea of writing a journal, that we can communicate online. There is so much that has happened, so much I want Linda Suzane to share for me, that I want to share, that I think this will be a very good place to be.


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